Solicitors Practice

You have probably heard of them. Probably you have read about them or brushed against them in the scales of justice. They are tax solicitors. Primarily they advise on various contentious tax issues and aid in the appropriate dispute resolution in case of disputes with the UK revenue system. They also handle contentious issues such as tax litigation.

In the event of an audit or investigation into your affairs by the Revenue Commissioners tax solicitors can work hand in hand with your accountant advising on the scope of powers to investigate accorded to the HMRC. They also review your tax position by going through your tax records and advising whether a tax disclosure is required. In the event that a tax disclosure is required, they assist in making quality qualifying disclosures of interests, liabilities and penalties. They also negotiate settlements with the HMRC on your behalf.

Tax disclosures are necessary when you are under tax investigation by the HMRC. Tax disclosure helps avoid the event of a criminal prosecution and these disclosures should be made with the help of tax solicitors so that during investigation by the HMRC all your documents and records remain in legal privilege. Tax solicitors help when drafting voluntary disclosures and ensure any information relayed in the disclosure information is not admissible in a law court. When drafting the disclosure the scope should be critically examined in the event of subsequent penalties the disclosure may cause.
When it comes to appeal cases by the HMRC in law courts, tax solicitors draft all appeal documents and submissions. They also advice on the best way forward in tackling appeals after weighing the strength of the appeal case in court. They can also attend the court proceedings with the Appeal Commissioners.

There may be an unfortunate event of a deceased person and there arises disagreement on the tax position of the property of the deceased. There may also be a dispute on the ownership of Joint property and the HMRC wants to determine the tax liabilities by the property. In the event of a deceased person leaving property behind tax solicitors draft the succession act.

There may also be tax litigation issues posed by the HMRC and it is the work of tax solicitors to move in and prepare all the documents required for the court hearings. They also prepare and provide instructions for the counsel tackling the case at hand. Also when it comes to court proceedings the tax solicitors ought to be present during all the stages of the court proceedings. There are also grounds of challenge by the cases presented forward by the HMRC and it is the job of the tax solicitors to know the loopholes and possible winning strategies in these cases.

The UK tax system requires a criminal investigation to be carried out in the event when one refuses to make irregularity disclosures to the HMRC. In this case the tax solicitor advices on the extent of the offenses committed and the best line of action. They also point out the information that must be disclosed and information to be kept in legal privilege. When issued with a search warrant they advise on what to do. As you can see tax solicitors are very helpful in the day to day running of your enterprise.
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